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Longwei Culture

Longwei Culture

The Longwei Technology was established in 2000, more than a decade has been adhering to the core values of "talent, popularity, character, and all the way to innovation and entrepreneurship, continuing to lead the development of the industry.
  Longwei technology vision is to become the leader in the Chinese Internet of Things. Longwei Technology is committed to building Everlasting century enterprise, focus on building a good corporate culture, as future development Ningxinjuli.

1, the core concept longwei core technology concept is people-oriented, reflecting the talent, popularity, and character.

 talents: the industry no fashion before. 
 popularity: things missed accomplished.
  Virtue:person can not live without moral values.

2, the behavior of Culture

  Longwei technology acts of culture is a kind-hearted, Shouzheng Baotuan. 
  Kind is to require companies to be honest and trustworthy in dealing with customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and social.
  Baotuan team first with each other to fill the seats, Baotuan Yukito together to resist the competition and challenges from outside.