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ly, switching power supply, variable

ly, switching power supply, variable

Hong Kong Longwei Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, is a collection of research and development, production and sales of technology-based enterprises. Specializing in the production of oscilloscope, DC power supply, switching power supply, variable frequency power supply, LCR digital bridge, audio frequency sweeper, signal generator, millivolt meter, wire tester, leakage tester, pressure meter and more than 120 kinds of measurement teaching Instrument and industrial equipment.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the visibility of Longwei brand instruments and meters, Longwei's production scale has continued to expand, Longwei brand has been more and more praised and recognized by users at home and abroad. The company has a professional technical R & D team and management personnel, with excellent product design capabilities, complete process control and testing methods, to provide users with high-quality electronic measuring instruments.

Longwei Instrument always adheres to the quality policy of “Quality Assurance, Customer First, Keep improving”, takes science and technology advancement as the guide, and takes user's needs as the goal. It constantly improves itself in the process of development, and pursues higher quality of products to provide more products for users. Perfect quality guarantee.


We thank our customers and colleagues in the business community for their long-term concern, support and cooperation. We sincerely hope to get to know you, and we also look forward to your understanding of us. “Longweiren” will continue to deepen its efforts in the electronic technology industry, accumulate advanced domestic and foreign technology and management experience, and strive to enhance Longwei's quality and technological innovation to provide users with continuous and superior products and services.

Excellent quality, choose Longwei. Thank you for your trust and support to Long Wei Company!
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